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I'm Lisa and I'm 19. I w am new to the community and was born with a complex cardiac condition. I created this LiveJournal today in hope to spread the word about my life and my experience in the hospital and so on.

I don't expect sympathy, comments, or anything but I am free to answer any questions you might have.

I think a community like this is great to have here.

Thank you

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I hope you feel better. What do you have?
I have congenital corrected TGA. This means when my heart was developing one mistake was made and because of it my heart developed another mistake that made two negatives, and like in math, these two negatives made a positive so my heart worked normally. I also had a heart block but when I had my pacemaker put in when I was two the leads (or wires) rubbed a scab off that was on my heart that put me back into normal sinus rhythm. Since the pacemaker was already in there, the doctors thought to just leave it in me, and it wasn't removed until last September when a bacteria was discovered in my blood that had attacked and pretty much destroyed the pacemaker and all of it's functions.
Oh, and I also have a condition called situs inversus, which is when all my organs are reversed. All functions are normal, but everything is on the opposite side. All things except my heart. It is actually located right in the center of my chest as opposed to the left (the right for situs inversus).
how were you diagnosed with all of this?
When I was born a doctor looked at me, said something was wrong and they checked me out, which is what I know from my knowledge.

The pediatrican I'm with (although I'm 19) used to work at the hospital I was born at. He has a knack for sensing things. When I had the bacteria in my blood back in September, he pretty much knew what it was by just looking at me and my face.
Do you see him a lot
It seems like you have A LOT to handle, Im so sorry. I know nothing about these diseases, so Im sorry if my questions seem stupid. But does any of this make you feel sick, or is it painful? It seems very painful
I'm constantly feeling sick and drained recently.
Im so sorry. I hope you feel better